Welcome to my blog..

Just a quick thank you note for visiting my page! If I am asked to give a very brief introduction on myself, I would say that  I am Irina and I am a kitchen gadget addict. I come from a family of awesome cooks and I would love to share my recipes with you.

Having so many great cooks in my family didn’t automatically generate my love for cooking. It was rather a slowly  acquired skill that I developed over the years. When my husband and I started a family, cooking had become a necessity. In this, I  have slowly developed my own cooking style.. a little laid back and unorthodox.. I call it fusion. Fusion of traditional cooking methods using  the stove top with a pan and spoon with cooking appliances like Multicooker and Thermomix. My style is not cooking per se, but rather creating new recipes inspired by my background and family, with my collection of appliances at home. That is why you will find many recipes here created specifically for a particular appliance.

I would like to give my best in making my blog helpful to busy mums, like myself, in planning their weekly menus for the families.

I will also note here that I have an extensive background in pharmacy and nutrition, so these areas along with natural therapies and healthy living, interest me enormously as well, not only professionally, but as a mum (of two lovely boys) in our everyday life.

My page is all about different recipes and interesting information sharing about natural products..

thank you